Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ave Hall of Fame: Nathaniel

Nathaniel Jackson, with Achile and Sandy.

I have been in a quandary about this. Nathaniel and the Allegro have parted ways, and so I do not know quite what to write.

Nathaniel is a real Ave institution, having started working as a barista at the Allegro in 1975, the first month that it opened. Later, he and Chris Peterson bought the Allegro from founder Dave Olsen.

So many stories about Nathaniel and the Allegro. Many people had their first espresso made by him. Back when the Allegro was Seattle's only espresso bar.

I can only hope that this gives Nathaniel the time to spend on his art. And he better let us see some of it!

You can read one of Nathaniel's poems on Paul Dorpat's site.

And then there is the youtube video

(photo credits: DWMcKeehen, UDistrict Street Fair, 2008)


  1. Is he retiring or did he sell his share?

  2. I had no idea the Allegro had such a history! I knew it had been there for a while, but had no idea it dated that far back. I love these profiles, as someone who only spent a few years living near the Ave and never got to know it this well, but who still has a soft spot for it. Thanks, Jean!

  3. Dear Jean,
    Imagine my surprise!Thanks for your support. Following is a letter I wrote:

    Greetings to All,

    As you may well know, this 35th year has been brought to a close for your's truly. I can clearly state "Take These Cups From Me", with all sincerity.

    I am filled with love and gratitude for all who have shared in providing me the space and time to express. I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

    Little did I know or have the foresight to plan for the surf changing course just at the point of my becoming confident and comfortable in my ability to hang. Oh well, compared to so much that is going on in the world, I am humbled and take comfort in the knowledge that my purpose with respect to the Allegro has been realized. I give thanks for having been granted this opportunity and know that those who came before me would be proud.

    Now I'm looking to the next wave.

    Thanks again One and All.


  4. Your Link is broken - is this the video:

    I will miss you Nathaniel!

  5. Hi All! (and thanks!)

    I will be gone for three weeks, so any comments won't be updated until I am back in contact with the internet. which may or may not happen till I am back in Seattle.

    This means that comments also will not be updated until approx Sept 20th.

  6. It wasn't just about the coffee you were the allgro and you will be missed.....

  7. Nathaniel,

    I'm just now finding out that you have moved on from the Allegro. Thank you for the coffee and the beautiful poem you gave me the last time I was in town. But thank you, most of all, for your hospitality and gentlemanly repartee these many, many years. All the best to you, friend, wherever life next may take you.

    Chris Fox
    Wichita, Kansas